Regal Rebel Graphic Design & Illustration

Regal Rebel Designs a Full-Service Illustration Agency Represented By Gia Simone, Will Bring Your Project to Life with Stunning Visual Detail.

Our very existence in its truest form is art, a miracle, and a unique creation. We are a masterpiece, a molecular phenomenon formed into a human body in the physical world. We all came here to be emissaries of love and peace. We find ways to express ourselves. Gia’s purpose in this life is to be an artistic expression of the light within. Her lighthearted nature is expressed in concepts that are produced in many mediums from photos, poetry, design, illustration and collages.

Gia’s passion for healing through the use of mantras, crystals, & the sharing of love & wisdom goes back as long as she can remember. It is a pre-encoded destiny to be an artistic visual expression of the light within, sparked by a distant star. A brilliant connection that inspires her to radiate the joy she has for life. Gia has always accepted others unconditionally & has brought people together through teaching them of their own inner light.

In her designs, Gia uses stars in many of her creations because for her the star means light, direction, guidance and uplifting insight into creating art. It is associated with energy, clarity that is needed to actualize goals as when you wish upon a star. Stars are symbols of inner light that shine forth in the darkness.

Gia’s guiding light gives her the insight into the joy, rapture, and power that has no external trappings. When she express her art, they are as real to her as those that command countries. For her it is a therapeutic process and could be expressed as revolutionary. And if she can inspire just one person, or teach them that we all have the same elements within us, this is her priceless reward.
"Humility comes from the recognition of Equality*. Nothing in the Universe is created in error. All things are for the awakening of the Oneness of All That Is."-Gia Simone